I'm a web developer based in Venice. I'm passionate about coding thoughtfully designed sites and web applications. My approach is to write clean, consistent and readable code that's easy to maintain and reuse.

Even if I'm a developer I also pay a lot of attention to the design and usability of the project I'm working on, actively suggesting changes or ideas that could furthermore improve the user experience.

I'm a continuous learner. Learning for me equates to exploring new ideas and growing as an individual.


I've specialized in Front End development so HTML, PHP, CSS/SASS and JS are part of my strengths. I've worked with js libraries such as Vue, React or LitElement (Polymer Project) and popular CMS like WordPress, PrestaShop or Shopify.

Even if I'm involved in just a one-man project I always use Git to organize the development.



I'm currently employed as a Front-End Developer at web agency in Venice, but I freelance too.

If you have any questions or need further information feel free to contact me at info@milanidavide.com, I'm excited to hear about your project or opportunity.

Milani Davide